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Les Kenny's outdoor woodworking plans

DIY plans to build a wood-brick wishing well with a brushwood roof

DIY plans to build a wood-brick wishing well with a brushwood roof

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Easy to follow plans for a wishing well and a wooden bucket. The downloadable PDF file contains 17 pages that include plans, drawings, pictures, materials you will need, cutting detail, and easy step-by-step instructions.

The wishing well stands nearly 4ft (1200mm) high and its octagonal shape has a diameter of 2ft (600mm).

The well's wall can be made out of off-cuts, i.e., left over or short pieces of wood cut into "wood bricks". Each brick being 10-5/8"
(270mm) long and angled back at each end.
The wall consists of seven layers of bricks - each layer consisting of eight bricks forming an octagon. The layers are placed on top of one another in stretcher bond fashion, i.e., a staggered overlapping of the "wood bricks".

It is made out of 2x3 (50 x75mm) blocks (wood bricks) for the wall, and the rest is made from 1" (25mm) thick board.

It has a working winch all made from 1" (25mm) thick board. The winch comprises of a drum, spindle, and winding handle.
The roof is a 45 degree pitched roof and covered (in this case) with brushwood but various coverings can be applied.

All dimensions throughout this project are given in both inches (standard) and metric (mm) units.

Materials you will need...

2x3 (50x75mm): 56 pieces @ 10-5/8" (270mm) for the wood bricks
2x2 (50x50mm): 4 pieces @ 17-5/8" (448mm)
Everything else can be cut or ripped out of 3 only 1x6 (25x150mm) boards @ 6ft (1800mm) long.

You will also need:
4" (100mm) nails 112 of, for fixing layers together
3" (75mm) nails 72 0f, for making layers / purlins
2" (50mm) nails 14 of, for rafters / collar ties
1-1/2" (38mm) nails 82 of, for drum and bucket
4" (100mm) screws 5 of, for posts and winding wheel
3" (75mm) screws 1 of, for drum
10mm coach/carriage bolts 2 of, for connecting roof frame to posts

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