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Les Kenny's outdoor woodworking plans

DIY plans to build a loom with an adjustable warp beam

DIY plans to build a loom with an adjustable warp beam

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Downloadable build plans for an easy to make frame loom.

The loom is 35-3/4" (910mm) high and 26-3/4" (680mm) wide. It has an adjustable warp beam, giving you much more scope for your work.

There is great detail on how to make this loom.

This is a digital product. The downloadable PDF file contains 18 pages of plan drawings, pictures, and step-by-step instructions.

This is an easy to make loom not only suitable for beginners that want to delve into the art of tapestry, but it is also ideal for any skill level.

This frame loom basically consists of a frame (picture style frame) held upright with a stand (easel style).

Two horizontal cross members (warp beams -top and bottom ) are fixed to the sides (uprights) of the frame - the top warp beam being adjustable, i.e. it can be moved up or down the frame.

Made out of 1x2 (25x50mm) and 1x1 (25x25mm) wood, the complete unit is 35-3/4" (910mm) high by 26-3/4" (680mm) wide.

Materials you will need:

1x2 (25x50mm): 2 lengths @ 8ft (2400mm)
1x1 (25x25mm): 1 length @ 5ft (1500mm)

All the required pieces can be cut from the above lengths.
Refer to cutting details in step 1 for the individual lengths.
You will also need

Nails: You will want 170 in total.
Ideally, 12 gauge (2.68mm diameter) nails that are 1-1/4" (32mm) long with rounded heads.
I actually used 2" (50mm) galvanized nails and cut the point ends off to suit.

Wood screws: 2 @ 4" (100mm), 4 @ 3" (75mm).

3/8" (10mm) Bolts with washers and wing nuts: 4 @ 2-1/2", 2 @ 3-1/2".

Wood glue: To suit

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