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Kenny's Yard: Outdoor woodworking plans

DIY plans for a picnic table with an attached seat along one side

DIY plans for a picnic table with an attached seat along one side

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These plans for a practical, one-sided wood picnic table are available for instant download. This table is ideal for areas where a traditional picnic table with seats along both sides would be too large. The table can be placed against a wall and used with seating on one side only, or it can be pulled out and stools or an independent bench can be placed along the back.

The unique design of the table allows it to be easily dismantled into four sections by removing six bolts. It can be just as easily reassembled.

Made from 2x4 (50x100mm) & 2x6 (50x150mm) wood. It is 5ft (1500mm long), 30" (760mm) high, and the table is 22" (560mm) wide.

The measurements are given in both standard and metric units.

It is recommended to make two of these tables, which can be placed together to create a double-sided picnic table with a wide tabletop. After use, the tables can be separated and placed against a wall to save space.

The downloadable PDF file includes 12 pages of plan drawings, material requirements, pictures, and step-by-step instructions. The materials needed include 42 feet of 1-1/2" x 5-1/2" wood, 16 feet of 2x4 wood, 6 galvanized coach/carriage bolts at 5" long, 4 galvanized coach/carriage bolts at 6" long, 24 galvanized bugle-head screws or similar at 5" long, and 41 exterior wood screws at 3" long.
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