So, What do I actually do?

In between retirement and family time, this is what I do – I make things and write about it.

When I make stuff
The making usually begins with an “eye-spy with my little eye” on something I like and would like to make. Then I draw up some initial work plans and do the build.

Where do I build?
Anywhere I can. Of late I have been building at the front of where I live.


And when I write about the stuff…

Ah! That’s a horse of a different color –
When I do the authoring and website side of things – I like to escape to a tranquil environment.

Anywhere I can.

I have been doing this since way back when.

My latest escape was to an awesome peaceful old shack tucked away in the back yard of a property miles from where I live.
Ideal for the task.

work shack