Become an affiliate. Promote premium downloadable ‘Buy Plans’ on your website or social media for a 50% profit share of every sale you generate. Great affiliate area – easy to implement

EARN A FLAT RATE OF 50% OF ALL YOUR GENERATED SALE PROFITS – A 50/50 split – real time tracking.

Log into your own Affiliate Area – A dashboard to track performance, view earnings, retrieve referral URL, find creatives, and account information.

Real-time reporting

Total earnings over $20 paid every two weeks into your PayPal account.

Access to creatives – visual resources or text links for faster, more effective promotion. Just grab them from the Affiliate Area.

Generate your own referral links from the Affiliate Area with a built-in referral link generator.

The seven things affiliates would most likely want to know

Affiliate Area Explained

The Affiliate Area is your dashboard for resources, reports, and account details.

screen shot of kennysyard affiliate area


Affiliate URLs
Your affiliate ID, Your referral URL, and the referral URL Generator from where you can generate your own referral links.

Statistics giving: paid referrals, unpaid referrals, visits, conversion rate, unpaid earnings, paid earnings, commission rate, campaign, campaign visits, unique links, converted, and campaign conversion rate.

Referral graphs with date filter giving: Unpaid Referral Earnings, Pending Referral Earnings, Rejected Referral Earnings, and Paid Referral Earnings.

Referrals: Reference, Amount, Description, Status, and Date.

Referral Payouts: Date, Amount, Payout Method, and Status.

Referral URL Visits: URL, Referring URL, Converted, and Date.

Creatives Creatives: Take what you want. Simply paste the code under the creative into your webpage.
If you would like custom made creatives – I will make them for you, or work with you to make them.

Settings Your account settings: Profile Settings and Your Payment Email

Log out
Log out.


  • Where to find creatives

    Log into the Affiliates Area and click on the ‘Creatives’ button.
    Then select the creative/s you want and copy and paste the associated code to where you want the creative displayed. E.g., webpage, social media.
    If you would like custom made creatives – I will make them for you, or work with you to make them.

  • How to set up links correctly

    The links are all set up for you. There is a referral link generator in the Affiliate Area » ‘Affiliate URLs’ button.
    When you enter a URL into the Page URL field and clicks Generate URL, your affiliate ID or username is automatically appended.
    Likewise, when you select a creative, the links are already in the associated code.

  • How to choose products to promote

    We offer downloadable woodworking and backyard project plans with step-by-step building instructions.
    Simply choose a creative showcasing the plan or plans or plans page you wish to promote.

  • How to get started promoting

    Register here » Affiliate Register. Once approved dive into the Affiliate area, choose your creatives (or make your own), grab the code and go.

  • Who to contact

    Me: Les Kenny,

  • What the incentives are

    50% profit share of every sale you generate

  • How and when you’ll be paid

    All earnings once they have reached the threshold of $20 USD will be paid out every two weeks into your chosen PayPal account.