A table fit for a feast

Christmas is looming and Christmas day plans are being put in place.
My contribution is to build an outside table for the occasion.

So! What could I put together using the cheapest lumber possible?

An idea came to mind using rough sawn treated pine. In fact, 2×3 (75 x 50mm) fence rails. That was the cheapest wood I could get my hands on so I made a tabletop up using lengths of 2×3 (75 x 50mm) wood glued and screwed together. Then made the frame for the tabletop to sit on.

large solid outdoor dinning table with thick legs


I wasn’t happy with the look of the frame so I sought some opinions.
Some liked it, others hinted a more standard dinning table look.
And – because I wasn’t 100% pleased with it – I decided to make another.

large solid outdoor dinning table with thin legs

Now this one I was happy with and so I splashed a coat of linseed oil over it and there it is. The Christmas table.

large solid outdoor dinning table oiled

I will put all the build plans and instructions for the table online in the New Year after it has been tested.

And the first discarded frame wont be wasted – I will make use of it for a work bench.